Great Topics for Your Essay in History

History is an important subject as it reminds us about the successes and failures of the past. There are many historical figures as well from whom we can draw inspiration and learn key lessons about our humanity.

Despite its importance, not everyone is happy studying history. The slew of names, dates, battles, discoveries, and political issues are not always as intriguing as current events. Thus, coming up with a topic for one’s history essay can be a big challenge indeed.

Making a choice

Even if you absolutely dislike history, it still makes sense to select something that is connected to an interest of yours. For example, if you are intrigued by the role of Britain’s monarchy in the 21st century, your essay can focus on their heyday in the past. If you closely follow the conflict in certain parts of the world, your essay can look back on what it was like in the past or perhaps the historical root of that conflict.

There is always something of interest. You just have to spend time looking for it.

Topics to choose from

However, if you have wracked your brain for an idea and still do not have any, then consider some of the following choices for your paper.

Figures from history

  1. The conquests of Genghis Khan
  2. The draw of Cleopatra in her time
  3. The aftermath of JFK’s assassination
  4. Benjamin Franklin’s contribution to the early American government
  5. Lessons from Napoleon Bonaparte
  6. Hero of WW2: FDR
  7. Hero of WW2: Churchill
  8. DaVinci’s contribution to history
  9. The contributions of Charlemagne
  10. Marco Polo’s contribution to the world
  11. Malcolm X’s influence on freedom
  12. King Richard the Lionheart’s conquests

Events in history

  1. How the spice trade reshaped the world
  2. The height of the Cold War
  3. Causes of the Vietnam War
  4. The independence of India
  5. The effects of the Crusades on the church
  6. The spread of Islam to Asia
  7. How the atomic bomb helped end World War 2
  8. Life during the Dark Ages
  9. Major pandemics of the past
  10. Birth of the Church of England
  11. Lessons from the Great Depression
  12. How 9/11 reshaped the world
  13. Forces behind the Great Wall of China
  14. Fall of the Incas
  15. The end of the slave trade in Africa
  16. The influx of immigrants because of the railroad in the US
  17. Events leading to the Russian Revolution
  18. Fall of the USSR
  19. Formation of the United Nations
  20. How a man on the moon changed the world
  21. The end of the Apartheid
  22. The fall of the Roman Empire
  23. Expansion of the Ottoman Empire
  24. Significance of the Magna Carta
  25. The gladiator games of Rome


Those are just a few possible historical topics to consider for your essay. Select what you believe is most interesting for you or adjust it to fit what you are looking for. Happy writing!