Research Topics on Sports

If you are in a sports management course or something related, a project that you may encounter is a research paper about sports. This is an assignment that requires much study as you take a closer look at something connected to the world of sports.

Selecting your topic

Although there are many possible choices for your paper, you should be wise when choosing one. First, it is always best to pick something close to your heart as the research journey will be more enjoyable and understandable. Second, you should confirm that there are enough resources as you are expected to create an in-depth study, comparing the different angles.

Topics to choose from

If you have been having difficulty picking something for your paper, then take a look at some of these options.

Sports and business

  1. How have corporate sponsors transformed the sporting world?
  2. Are professional sports badly affecting amateur leagues?
  3. Financial perks of being drafted first
  4. Why are companies willing to overpay athletes?
  5. How lucrative are extreme sports?
  6. Is there a pay discrepancy between professional male and female athletes?
  7. How beneficial are international sporting events to the host country’s economy?
  8. Do athletes really believe that popular sports brands are better than others?
  9. Is gambling helping or hurting sports?
  10. Are popular sports really well-loved because they are fun or because of marketing?


  1. Why do some athletes take PEDs though they know it is wrong?
  2. Most ground-breaking breakthroughs in sports medicine in the last decade
  3. What is more effective for depression, indoor or outdoor sports?
  4. Best natural remedies for sports injuries
  5. What are the most feared injuries by professional athletes?
  6. How real are concussions in amateur sports?
  7. How do athletes overcome anxieties about possible injuries?

Family and Sports

  1. How do sports bring families together?
  2. Advantages and disadvantages of getting kids into sports at a young age
  3. Are top athletes generally the product of athletic families?
  4. Can martial arts really tame teenage aggression?
  5. What are the top sports for family bonding?

Other topics

  1. How do athletes recover from defeat?
  2. Are there any development advantages of amateurs finishing college before turning pro?
  3. Do other athletes view esports as real sports?
  4. How bad is discrimination in sports?
  5. Is it fair for countries to “adopt” international players to boost their chances in world competition?
  6. Are fearless athletes more successful than cautious ones?
  7. Should there be more government regulation for extreme sports?
  8. How have sports influenced certain countries?
  9. Is cheerleading negatively affecting people’s view of women?
  10. How do amateur athletes transition from sports to life in the working world?
  11. How are sports affecting the environment?


Those were several great topics to consider for your research paper. You may use them or tweak them to what you need. Choose well!