Vital Things To Include To Your Paper:

A research paper, informs the reader about a scientific investigation. It will cover the background, which presents examination methods, results and it will interprete the published studies. The structure of a research paper reflects the empirical approach to the scientific work: first the background and hypotheses, then the experimental set-up, carry out the tests, and the discussion of the results.However, it can be difficult to include everything and write it the right way.


Do the research and try to explain this field of study. You have to make it clear to the reader and try to make it as simple as possible. Include the previously known facts about the topic and describe the research problem. You should also indicate the possible cooperation with other teachers, institutions, etc.

Materials and methods

You should also mention what is needed from materials, accessories and dishes to carry out the research, describe how to set up and run a specific observation,measurement, experiment or similar things.Give instructions on how to measure or observe changes in order to write down the results, you can supplement the description of the photograph, drawing, table, etc..


You should have a clearly stated aim of the research and you should also set up one or more hypothesis.

It is an important base for your paper and make sure to include that. You have to have the main goal of your work and what you want to achieve with it. You can talk to the professor who can give you some hints for that if you are not sure.


Describe what you found out with the experiments, surveys, interviews, visits and compare your results with the hypothesis and with the information that you find in the literature. You should be able to make a discussion out of it and support your arguments with evidence.


Take your time with the conclusion.Write it concisely and accurately, and it can also be in the form of bullet points. State the conclusions reached on the basis of the study. You can also give your own opinion and support it with evidence again. Keep in mind that you have to answer a question from the introduction in the conclusion, if there was one. Don't leave anything open.



The abstract gives a precise overview of the rapid orientation over the theoretical background of the study, the method applied, the main results and the essential conclusions. You should use short and precise sentences and don't mention unnecessary details.

List of used literature and references

You should mention all the used papers: professional literature, scientific and popular - scientific magazines, information that is available on a website, all sorted in alphabetical order. You should mention everything you used because you want avoid problems with plagiarism.